73/366 Blog Photo Challenge | Rusty and Sad

Can you spot the sad face in that rusty screws of this wheel. I don’t know what this thins called but it’s interesting to take picture of it. Feel free to share your thoughts.

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  1. why are you sad little guy? Maybe Momi Sheila he just needs a brush-up and he is shiny again :-) Returning the visit from &73 of BPC.

  2. there’s beauty in oddity. i enjoyed looking at interesting photos.

  3. interesting capture .. love it .. was here for #73 BPC :)

  4. Sad sya ky gikapoy na sya sige kabasa, kaulanan ug kainitan..LOL!

    Visiting for # 73 challenge- hope you can stop by:)


  5. aw sad diay na…abi nako ug naka smile…ehehhee…good one tsang…master na kau mamicture da…:)

  6. Smile man na akong ankit-an oi! :D

    BPC hop

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